Monday, June 16, 2014

Fast and Smooth

Peter Judge posted a message Sunday evening asking if anyone was going to fly on Monday.  I responded that I might.  When I checked my mail the next morning around 7am, I saw a message from Lee Minardi that he was planning to meet Peter at my place around 8am.  I guess I was going flying!

I had only one goal for the day, test fly my T2C I recently tore down for an annual inspection and to replace a broken keel stinger.  If possible, I wanted Marilyn Nichols' advice on wether I should repair a worn spot on one tip.  I didn't really care that the forecast predicted stable air.

I got what I wanted.  Marilyn checked out the tip panel and said "don't worry".  After spending most of the day sitting in the shade talking, watching the light-and-unbearble winds trickle from every direction, and helping to launch pilots on the tow line, I setup and took a late afternoon smoothie.

Lee recorded the launch.

The glider flew well and I especially enjoyed flying fast again.  A sweet landing near the bullseye completed the test flight.  I'm ready for serious XC again.

Dave P, Josh, Paul, and Sarah were taking early evening smoothies as we packed and left.  Lee, Peter, and I stopped for dinner at the Elm City Brewing Company in Keene on the way home.

Flights: 1, Duration: 0:13

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