Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mentor Warm Up

Had fun flying around QuestAir and helping a couple potential mentees in the upcoming Green Swamp Sport Klassic today.  The tow started with a smooth ride out of the field and ended with a nice climb over the Mickey Mouse lakes.

After flying about for awhile, I teamed up with Rich and Sara for a trip around a small triangle to the north.  Rich lead out on a bad line and eventually had to turn around to avoid landing out so close.  Sara followed my line to the northwest where we found a climb at the first turn point over the town of Mascotte.

Sara climbing well

I pushed on towards the second turn point at Grass Roots airfield as I watched a plane pass below us.

Plane passing below us (center)

Grass Roots

As I was heading to Grass Roots, Sara reminded me that our next turn point was Gators, not Grass Roots.  Oops.  Maybe Sara should be the mentor!  I banged a right turn and chased after Sara to the grass airstrip to the east.

I came in lowish and we were both drifting away in the wrong direction.  We worked a couple climbs before we were high enough to venture upwind through the LZ minefield.

We chose a path between two lakes and although Sara did well she just didn't have the glide necessary to get the next climb that would have taken her home.  Using my better glide, I found a climb over a small fire in an orchard and glided back to Quest to complete the triangle.

I played in the evening air before surrendering to gravity.

Flights: 1, Duration: 3:56, Distance: 30 km

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