Monday, March 20, 2017


The local gang at QuestAir declared a practice task to Williston today, so I paid my token fee to join the informal Quest Air Cross Country contest, fired up AirTribune, and slid into the last place in the tow line.

The initial two climbs mirrored our launch order.  Larry on top, then Davis, then Rob, and me at the bottom.  Everyone would leave when Larry left meaning Rob and I were really too low to move on.  I stumbled into a nice 250 fpm climb but, against better judgement, moved on when Davis called a 500 fpm west of my position.  Of course I got there and could find anything workable.  Rob and I bobbed around in broken lift sinking more than climbing.

Rob and I finally took off on course line side-by-side and much too low.  I knew my day was over and pointed out my intended LZ to Rob and then slowed down to let him land first.  He couldn't get his harness unzipped and had to throw in an extra turn to avoid flying into a fence.  Meanwhile I was flying through circling birds and trying to ensure I cleared the fence going into the field.  Although the water around the field showed a northeast wind, I landed in a brisk north wind and mildly smacked my nose into the ground.

Rob's maple leaf glider climbing in our first climb

Larry and Davis high and in front

Slowing up to let Rob land first

Rob still prone turning to avoid fence

Passing over the fence low coming into the field

So much for a nice long XC flight.  However, I enjoyed talking with Rob as we packed up and enjoyed the short ride back with Jeremy.

Some lessons I have to relearn every season.  Sigh.

Flights: 1, Duration: 0:36, Distance: 8.3 km

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